In the coming 10 years, computers will not be the only devices connected to the Internet.  Small and heterogeneous devices will be part of the web too.  These devices will support people in carrying out their everyday life a ctivities.  In this scenario, multimedia data coming from such instruments will be directly accessible to the web, and users will easily mesh these sources of information.  The Tiny Instrument Element (tinyIE) project is trying to foster this vision by equipping users and developers with a set of tools for simplifying the development and deployment of devices into the web.
The mission of this project is:.

  • to provide uniform, remote, and web-based access to data from heterogeneous instruments, such as sensors and probes.
  • to provide a set of facilities that allows interaction between such instruments and computational infrastructures such as Clouds and Grids.
The Instrument Element project is following this vision by:
  • using a semi-finite artifact (i.e., skeleton software) that can be extended, tailored, and customized in order to meet the requirements of a specific use case.
  • implementing a set of services that can be shared among different use cases in order to simplify the development and deployment of the software.