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Voice of the community at INGRID 09

Monday, March 30th, 2009

The day after tomorrow Francesco, will present our project to the INGRID workshop so if you have any comments or argument that you want to discuss just drop him a line and he will do his best to represent us all.

Abstract Representation of the Instrument Element

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Yesterday I found some spare time and I was far from an internet connection so I finally finalized an abstract representation of the Instrument Element. In the coming days I will try to make it more “logo style” so we can make substitute the default Mediawiki logo in our wiki.

Any comment is more than welcome but do ask me to explain it ;-) .

P.S: if you are curious you can find few abstract representation of computer scientist research topics at this link

Instrument Element Press News

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

After a small discussion with John we decided to accept his offer to participate to the beta test of o3Wire so we now have a “Press News” category in our blog feeds that will contains major annoucements. These posts will be directly published in the journals associated to o3Wire.

Instrument Element Web Site in CVS

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

The Instrument Element Web Site is now in our CVS under the folder tinyIEWebSite, both the template and the content, have been released under BSD license as usual. Note that the folder is also the initial directory of the Eclipse project.  

In the coming days the project web site will be updated with the version that is now in CVS.

Obtain a SwiNG Grid Certificate

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

SwiNG is the is the Swiss National Grid Association that is in charge of managing the Swiss Grid infrastructure. A small “How To” on how to Obtain a Valid Swing Certificate is now available in our wiki. 

How To Obtain a SwiNG Certificate for the Grid

Instrument Element and REST APIs

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

A few weeks ago we design a set of REST APIs in order to expose to the web the same APIs that we are now exposing using a Web Service Interface. We also submit this API proposal to the 4th International Workshop on Distributed Cooperative Laboratories: Instrumenting the Grid (INGRID 2009). 

The Paper has been accepted and in April the 1st we will presents our proposal. Soon we will update the wiki with the outcome of this event.

Spam does not Sleep…

Monday, March 16th, 2009

Ok… the experiment was pretty fast… We Keep experiencing spam, especially on our user guide. So I block anonymous contributions. Now If you want to contribute you need to be registered to the Instrument Element Wiki.  Let’s us know if you encounter trouble in the registration process.

If you see some spam around we kindly ask you to drop a line to one of the project members.

Spam in the Documentation Wiki of the IE

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

In the past 2 days few pages of our Documentation Wiki have been changed by spammers and external links to some strange sites have been added. Fortunately we successfully rolled back to some consistent version.  If the problem persist only registered users we will be able to edit the wiki.

Back to Normal

Friday, March 13th, 2009

In the past days we experience some intermitting problem with our CVS and with Ohloh. Fortunately things appear to be OK now. A special thx is for the SF and Ohloh teems!

I have to say that they both react very quickly to the problem.

Instrument Element feeds in FeedBurner

Monday, March 9th, 2009

I just added the feeds of our blog into FeedBurner. Soon they will be there as well.