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jARC: Accessing the ARC Middleware from Java.

Monday, June 21st, 2010

We just release the first version of jARC a java library that will allow the access to the grid from Java.

2 different ways to deal with the low level communications have been provided in order to support an access from a machine where the ARC-User Interface is not installed. This is he case of a remote user interface and he APIs support an SSH connection with the machine where the ARC command line interface runs in order to read/write strings into the wire and performs file transfers (using SCP).

Grid security is supported via an automatic regeneration of the user certificate and is optional. In other words, if you can assume that the machine where the User Interface is running support has a valid proxy installed the security become optional and can be turned off.

The key class is that Abstract the usual job submission functionalities and gives a “method oriented” way to interact with ARC.

Example are: killjob, renewCertificates, submitjob etc etc.

In the release an example of usage is provided. And you can have the following information:

1) Validate the configuration,

2) Connect to the remote user interface,

3) Upload few files into the remote machine

4) Submit a job,

5) Wait (monitor the status of the job)

6) Retrieve the results from the grid

7) Move the results from the remote machine to the machine where the jARC is running

For more details you can refer to:

Swiss Grid School 2010

Monday, May 31st, 2010

The Swiss Grid School 2010 (SGS’10) is organized by the Swiss National Grid (SwiNG) association. Created in October 2007, SwiNG promotes Grid computing in several scientific and industry-related domains (physics, chemistry, life science, engineering, finance, computer science, etc.). One of SwiNG’s objectives is to run education and outreach activities. In this context, SGS’10 aims at transferring Grid knowledge to academia, research and industry. The following audience is particularly addressed:

  • Graduate students (master, Ph.D. level)
  • IT Department/services
  • Practitioners and researchers from industry, academia and government organizations interested in further advancing the use or the development of Grid technologies.

SGS’10 provides lectures and practical lab sessions that illustrate the current state-of-the-art in Grid computing in the following domains: Grid architecture, security and middleware, resource management, data management and scientific workflow management. It also focuses on a variety of practical case studies (applications).