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Volunteer computing support

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Hi guys,

as Francesco introduced me this is my first post on the blog. It’s a great pleasure for me to start this open-source adventure with all of you!

I’ve just started to commit on the instrument element repository under the xwchplugin subproject directory.

Roughly the main objective of this subproject is to enable the possibility to connect to the volunteer computing middleware through a well defined interface (in our case the middleware considered will be xtremwebch [possibly some other in the future?]) in order to submit some computational intensive jobs to the volunteer computing middleware and get back the results instead of computing it locally which could be too much time-consuming or impossible.

At the moment you can find some ideas and all the input parameters needed to access this service in the repository.

I’m trying to abstract the connection to the volunteer computing middleware (class Connection), a generic application (class Application), its modules (class Module) and the interface to access the volunteer computing service (interface IVCMiddleware).

If you are curious, interested or have some tips to give me, feel free to drop me a message and/or email.

Welcome Mark!

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

I am pleased to welcome Mark in our teem. He is a student at the faculty of informatics and he is at the beginning of his second year.
He is currently doing a summer internship at the faculty and this is his first “real experience” in Opensource.  He is interested
in Workflow and Volunteer Computing. Soon we will see him around in our mailing lists and this blog.