Automatic Testing for New Devices

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It consists of building an application that allows you to do automatic test validation of a device. In other words once someone wrap a device with our software it will be able to launch a set of tests in order to discover potential bugs that he/she may have in his/her own code. Doing that we should use/learn/know:

  • How to build a Java Web Application
  • How to deal with Web Services
  • How to build basic web based GUI
  • How to build test cases and get a feeling of software testing really is.

A persistent logger that stores information in a mySQL DB might be an interesting feature.

Few Details:

When someone want to build a new instrument, that instrument has to implement the interfaces at this link:

This is a wiki page:

As result, Web Service APIs are automatically generated. A link to the javadoc:

A wiki page on how to use the APIs:

How to use the APIs with axis:

It would be nice to build a web application that takes a WS end point as input and validates all the exposed methods. So, assuming that the code that we are releasing is without bugs, users will have the capability to validate their developments. At the same time, it could be helpful for internal use in order to test our development with already working instruments and/or mock objects.

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