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It consists of building a Web Based GUI that uses the APIs the service exposes. An example could be a web interface for a Data logger, a voltmeter, or an oscilloscope. Doing that we should use/learn/know:

  • How to build a Java Web Application
  • How to deal with Web Services
  • How to build JSP and/or Ajax web based applications

A persistent logger that stores information in a mySQL DB might be an interesting feature.

Description of the Instrument Control user interface

An Instrument Element (IE) acts as a container of Instrument Managers (IM). An IM is the implementation of a common interface to an instrument, a group of real instruments, or a simulation of real instruments. IMs can be organised in a hierarchy, as happens in most of the available control systems (EPICS, TANGO, PVSS, ...). It is possible to navigate the hierarchy via the Resource Service. The Instrument Control window should allow users to monitor and control a remote Instrument Manager (IM). In particular, the Instrument Control should be able to:

  • list available Attributes, Parameters and Commands. This list should be provided by the Instrument Manager (IM).
  • expose a Finite State Machine (FSM) or, at least, a list of state transitions to manage the Instruments state(s) (which could be few as, for example, Init, Running, Fault).

Taking into account these requirements and the "Instrument Element Application Programming Interface Proposal," the Instrument Control will be organized into the three different sections listed below:

  • CONTROL: shows the current status of the IM and, according to it, allows the user to issue different commands to change the current status.
  • COMMANDS: allows the user to execute available commands on the IM.
  • MONITORING: allows the user to monitor and set values and properties of the IM's attributes.

Each section can be easily hidden and not displayed, if not needed in a specific operational context.

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