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The Swiss National Grid Association (SwiNG) for Swiss Universities is in charge of delivering User Certificates for accessing the Grid. In order to obtain a Valid Certificate, a user must be a member of the SMSCG Virtual Organization (VO). All Swiss students and professors have an account for the "SWITCH Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI)" that is normally used for information about exams or for downloading free software given to students. You may also know this service as netID. You can use your account for accessing the Grid, too. In order to do that, you must enable it to obtain a Short Lived Credential Service User Certificate (SLCS User Certificate). You can do this by sending an email to the help desk of your institution. You can find the addresses at the following link: List of Help Desks

A sample email request:

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TO: see http://www.switch.ch/aai/participants/allhomeorgs.html
SUBJECT: enable my SWITCH AAI account for generating SLCS Certificate 

Dear .......
    my name is .......... . I would like to enable my SWITCH AAI account for 
generating SLCS Certificate because I would like to access the Grid. 

my userID is xxxx@yyyyy 

Thank you,

In few hours (or, in the worst case, days), you will get a positive answer.

Now that your account is enabled for an SLCS Certificate, you need to join the SMSCG Virtual Organization (VO) by sending one more email like the following:

TO: grid@switch.ch

Dear .......
    my name is .......... . I would like to  join the SMSCG Virtual Organization (VO). 

My SWITCH AAI account has been enabled for an SLCS Certificate and 
at the end of the mail you will find the attributes of my profile.

Hope to hear from you soon, 
Best Regards,

// you need to cut and paste the attributes of your profile, access the following link with your SWITCH AAI ID and PWD: 


Cut and paste the information you find the on the page. 

You will receive a confirmation email in a few hours to days and you will finally be able to use the Grid! 

== Briefly ==

* Send an e-mail to your [http://www.switch.ch/aai/participants/allhomeorgs.html local help desk] asking to enable your SWTCH AAI account for an SLCG certificate (see the first mail template).

* Wait for the activation.

* Send an e-mail to grid@switch.ch asking to join the SMSCG VO (see the second email template).

* Wait for the activation.

== External links ==
* [https://cms.smscg.ch/cms/_WP/WP3/join_vo.html Joining the SMSCG VO]
* [http://www.swing-grid.ch/ SwiNG]
* [http://www.switch.ch/aai/ SWITCH AAI]
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