Setting up your Lego Mindstorm NXT Robot

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Minimum Requirements for Normal User: Knowing eclipse and how to install plugins:


  1. Install Instrument element requirements:
    (This setup has been tested on Windows. how about other OS?)
    • Apache Tomcat Which Tomcat should be installed? which one on the Mac? Core or Deployer?. Tomcat 6.0 requires JRE 5.0 or later.
    • Sysdeo Tomcat Eclipse Plugin
    • Maven Eclipse Plugin (Only For Developers)
  2. Install Lejos
    1. Install Java (Which you probably already have it)
    2. Install the software for connecting Lego Mindstorms to the PC here
    3. Install the firmware for Lego Mindstorm here.
      Make sure to download the version 0.8.0beta for your OS.
    4. Eclipse plugin for Lejos (for developers only)
  3. Download the application for controlling Lego Mindstorm :
    1. Download war package folder from :
    2. Extract inside tomcat webapps directory ([tomcat folder]/webapps)
  4. Download and Install the device application on Lego Mindstorm
    1. Go to
    2. On the bottom left side of the page click on 'Download GNU tarball' link to download the complete folder as T1RobotTools.tar.gz.
    3. Open T1RobotTools/src/ in eclipse
    4. Use Lejos plugin in eclipse (Lejos NXJ->upload firmware) to compile the and upload it on the Lego Mindstorms.
    5. Note that the bluetooth connection between the PC and the Lego Mindstorm has to be working as described in part 2.
  5. setup execution server
    1. run tomcat server
      1. Either from inside eclipse using Tomcat eclipse plugin: Run Tomcat->Start Menu
      2. from the command line: run [tomcat folder]/bin/tomcatX.exe where X is the version of tomcat
  6. open the Web browser. Access the Web page. Look at validation section of
  7. Once these steps has been taken, an advanced user/developer can modify the functionality of the device by changing the code explained in part 4 and uploading again to Lego Mindstorms. Look at: Notes for Lego Mindstorm NXT Developers
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