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This is a list of links that a may be useful for getting familiar with the technologies used into the project:



Tomcat is an open source web application server that supports J2EE Servlets, JSP technologies and APIs. The Instrument Element use a few Servlets in order to display the instruments' information. The following links may be useful for installation, along with

Axis 1.4

Apache Axis is an open source, XML-based Web service framework. The Instrument Element uses the Java version of Axis as its Web Service Provider.


Log4j is a Java-based logging utility. The Instrument Element uses this library for logging information and debugging.


Maven is a software project management and comprehension tool. The Instrument Element distribution follows Maven Structure.

Eclipse and Plug-in

Eclipse is a software platform comprising extensible application frameworks and tools, and a runtime library for software development and management. It is written primarily in Java to provide software developers and administrators an integrated development environment (IDE).

  • Eclipse I reccomend the Eclipse Classic Version.
  • Maven Plug-in for Eclipse
  • Sysdeo. An Eclipse plug-in for integrating Tomcat into your developing environment. See First_Steps.
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