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The tiny IE is a Tomcat based Web Application and follows the typical deployment (more). To give the directions in just a few words:

  • 1: Download the Instrument Element Web Application (i.e., a copy of this application).
  • 2: Copy the tiny Instrument Element Web Application in your *-tomcatInstallation-*/webapps.
  • 3: Enjoy your Instrument Element experience.


To understand If the procedure has been correctly executed please access to the following web page:


(a working example could be: http://localhost:8080/tinyIE-v1.0.1/)

from there you should be able to see a web page like the following:

alt text
alt text

In addition your Web Service end point should be:


(an example could be: http://localhost:8080/tinyIE-v1.0.1/services/IEService)


steps you must take before you will be able to complete the above directions are:

A . Basic Download Required software :

   1.	J2SDK  version 1.5 or latest release [1]
   2.	Apache Tomcat 5.5 or latest release [2]

B . Developer Required Software:

   1.	J2SDK  version 1.5 or latest release [3]
   2.	Apache Tomcat 5.5 or latest release [4]
   3.	Apache Maven rel. 2.0.9 [5]
   4.	Apache Axis rel. 1.4 [6]
   5.	Eclipse SDK rel. 3.3.2 [7]
   6.	Eclipse plugins
         - Sysdeo Tomcat plugin [8]
         - Maven Integration ( )
         - Subclipse 1.4.x ( )

C . Setting up the Developing Environment (more info at: First_Steps) :

   Prior to succesful download, particular settings must be applied.
   1. Java environment setup: This could be done in various ways, but two of the most important things are JAVA_HOME 
      and Java path setting.
   2. Tomcat environment setup: Set CATALINA_HOME and then include the $CATALINA\bin on your path.   
   3. Set Your MAVEN_HOME, refer to its installation location, and then include the $MAVEN_HOME on your OS path.
   4. Add your eclipse plugin, as mentioned on A.6, on your Eclipse IDE through Help>>Software Update>>Find and Install
      >> Search for New Features to Install; then add:
         - Collab [9] 
         - Maven Integration [10]
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