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Although Cloud and Grid technologies offer unlimited computational power and storage capacity for scientific research and business activities in heterogeneous areas all over the world, actually using these technologies requires a closer interaction between various types of instruments accessible from the grid, on the one hand, and the classical grid infrastructure, on the other. The Instrument Element is a new Cloud/Grid component that solves the problem of coordinating interaction between the grid's instruments and infrastructure. This software provides the computational/data infrastructure with an abstraction of real instruments, and gives users a more interactive interface with which to control them. The Tiny Instrument Element is a piece of skeleton software that makes it easy to expose the functioning of a generic instrument via a Web Service interface. The term "tiny" refers not to the kind of instrument, but rather to the software implementation. The design is kept simple and intuitive, but hopefully not minimal.

For more information please refer to the the project home page: Instrument Element Project home page



jARC accessing ARC middleware

  • jARC: accessing ARC middleware from Java.

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