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This is a non-exhaustive list of publication and events where the tiny Instrument Element software has been used, sometimes in a key role and at other times more marginally. If you have used this software and you want to be listed, please contact us or feel free to edit this page.

  • F. Lelli, G. Maron and S. Orlando. Client Side Estimation of a Remote Service Execution, 15th Annual Meeting of the IEEE International Symposium on Modelling, Analysis, and Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (MASCOTS), Istanbul, Turkey October 2007.
  • M. Prica, R. Pugliese, C. Scafuri, L. Del Cano, F. Asnicar, A. Curri, Remote Operations of an Accelerator using the Grid, INGRID 2007 - Instrumenting the Grid 2nd International Workshop on Distributed Cooperative Laboratories - S.Margherita Ligure Portofino, ITALY, April 16-18 2007
  • A Presentation held by M. Grammaikou talking about a set of test for the GEANT infrastructure. CERN, Switzerland, February 2007
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